If you are here, one question came to your mind: Am I pregnant? Trust me, you are not alone, a lot of women have been there. So to help you clarify all those questioning thoughts, we have here 3 apps just for you.

1 –  “-Symptoms Pregnancy Test -”.

First on our list, comes a questionnaire app. It has 15 questions, and all of them are related to early pregnancy symptoms. Think of what you are feeling and answer the questions honestly.

It is highly  recommended that you have in mind what those symptoms can be, so here are some: increased urination flow, swollen breasts, fatigue, drastic changes of mood, nauseous, and delayed period.

When the test was all finished, the app will give you a percentage number. That number shows you a positive or negative result. It is all done incredibly fast, just in a couple of clicks.

What if the result is positive? Then now it’s time for booking a doctor’s appointment.

Besides the 15 questions, to guarantee you are going to follow the steps the right way, this app comes with a great Guide Result.

Available for: iOS (App Store).

2-  At Home Guide-: Pregnancy – Testing.

Our number two is considered a really easy-to-do at-home pregnancy test!

With this one, you can get your quick and assertive answer. No need to get out of the house. When life is crazy and running to the drugstore to buy the traditional test is not an option, you can count on this app, especially if it’s too early to use the pharmacy testers.

The At Home Guide-: Pregnancy – Testing, comes with a very easy to apply method, using a super complete questionnaire.

It also works with approximate percentage numbers, is super simple, and is easy to be done, It’s a no-brainer, you take the test and see the result!

Available for: Android (Play Store)!

3- “Am I pregnant? Quiz” Clear Blue (Web).

I bet you have heard about this blue name before. Yeah, the “Am I pregnant? Quiz” is from Clear Blue, the pros when it comes to pregnancy pharmacy tests.

Now they also have an app, Clear Blue is another great option to help you out, and they bring something else to the table, you don’t need to wait for your period, to get it done.

Using the Clear Blue Early Detection Pregnancy test, you have the choice about when taking it. You will be able to take the test even 6 days before your menstrual cycle.

Great news, right?!

Think straight, bodies are different, so we can’t say that there isn’t a possible chance of not feeling the early pregnancy symptoms so intense. The question will be in your head whether it happens or not. In this case, the Clear Blue test can be The helper.

Available on the Clear Blue website!

Please, always be sure to visit your doctor. These apps will help you, however, they don’t replace the doctor’s appointment.